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Words of Inspiration For 2018

I gave up on resolutions. They seem to always set people up for disappointment with their lofty and sometimes unrealistic goals that are also rarely reached. What happened to that whole saying everyone likes so much about baby steps? Maybe I’m the only¬†one that has been over resolutions for a while now. I kind of like to chip away at my issues a little at a time, for however long it takes, don’t you?

A few years ago, I started choosing words that would inspire me and help me grow instead of resolutions that would make me feel like a total loser when on day two of the new year I had already screwed up and did what I resolved not to do. But then I discovered all the areas I needed to work on and realized one word just wasn’t going to cut it. I had to decide where I wanted to be better and do better in the immediate future. I think narrowing that down would probably be difficult for most people since most of us have lots of room for growth. So my solution to my “no lack of areas to work on” has been to pick a few words each year that speak to what kind of life I want to create for myself.

This year I found four words that encompass the things I’ve really been striving for in the last few years and the life I want to lead from now on. Sounds pretty permanent, I know, and I realize life happens. I’m aware we don’t have control of much more than our attitude, and even that’s a stretch some days. I know exactly who has the wheel on my minivan called life. But when you discover what is meant for you, you work hard at making it happen, for as long as it takes. So these words, in some form or another, have always been part of my personal goals. I just think I’m realizing the priority they have in my life an how they all really work together for my greater good.

So now that I’ve served you up some really deep thoughts on my life’s path, let me share the words with you and maybe, just maybe, they will also resonate with you and your new year’s goals.

Space This word is at the top of my list because it has a huge and direct effect on the other three words. I know every one of us lives very busy lives. We’ve made a pastime of fitting in as much as possible. I have personally lived by my calendars. Some weeks and years there has literally been no room to add anything else on a page because the calendar has been bursting with activities and commitments. Over the years I realized that I was sick of the constant rush, of feeling like I could never say no, of the jam-packed schedule and just busyness in general. There was never any downtime or room for me and my people to just be together as a family, let alone for any me time. I just wanted to wipe the calendar clean. It’s been years in the making, but my efforts to free up our schedule and the space it has created for my family and I to spend more time together has been so worth it! Little by little more space is being made for the most important people and the most memorable experiences.

Things are also taking up less space in our home. It’s been an ongoing process, but minimizing stuff in our life has been so rewarding. Purging junk and really identifying things that are the most useful or that mean the most has been so freeing. Space has truly been one of my favorite words yet! So I’ll be continuing to make more space in our calendar and in our home so that we can enjoy life more and we can stop surrounding ourselves with so much unnecessary stuff. Basically, my theme song for now will be “I’ve got a blank space baby…”

Simple I’ve always loved the saying “Do less and be more”. When you decide not to jam pack your days and leave time for just being, it simplifies life so much. Remember K.I.S.S.? Let’s pretend the last S stands for Silly, okay? Keeping it Simple really allows you to be more intentional and present in those special moments. It helps you learn to not complicate things or situations. When things are simple, there’s no room for over-analyzing (something I’m excellent at). When things are simple, there’s no room for a whole lot of excess stuff you don’t need. A simple life needs space because if you don’t have room to focus on what is truly important in life, things can get complicated. Simple is not stressful. It’s relaxing, it’s easy going, and it’s steady.

Steady You’ve probably ready about my journey to peace. It’s what got me back to writing and starting this blog. It’s something I have worked hard to find. I’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time. But in the last couple of years I have learned how to cope with it and now I have tools in place to help me be at peace. There are still hard days, but they are much fewer and farther between than they use to be. I still need to work on not letting things get to me or ruffle my feathers, things that could potentially affect my anxiety. My mom always says I should do better at letting things roll off me “like water off a duck’s back”. So learning to be more steady and not so bothered by things is something I need to continue to work on. After all, mom knows best! Plus making space in my life and keeping things simple definitely helps to keep me steady. Win win win!

Freedom The first three words all help to give me more Freedom. When you have more time, life is simple, and you are at peace, you are freer to pursue your purpose and your heart’s desires. The work that I’ve done these last eleven years has all led me to a place where I can create a life and space that works for my family and I. Freedom affords me flexibility, something that I have come to really love and value. I’ve become accustomed to it in my daily schedule and for our family life. I hope to continue to have freedom in those areas because it has helped my family and I create a life that we all enjoy. To that end, I’m opening myself up to other opportunities and pursuing other interests. Stay tuned world!

It’s time to get on with 2018. What words are your driving force this year? Whatever you choose or even if you haven’t chosen anything, create the kind of life you really want to live. Life will be hard, that’s a given. But there’s no reason why you can’t strive for things in your life that will help to make it a little easier sometimes. Remember K.I.S.S.

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