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When It’s Art, Not Just Photography

Since her art graces our homepage (and will surely be popping up all around our blog), I knew that my next post just had to be about our friend and photographer, Courtney Ortiz, of Courtney Ortiz Photography. You can read more about Courtney’s work here  We had the pleasure of having a family session with Courtney and then more recently, she took professional headshots for me (that’s for a future post).

As some of you know, I’ve been obsessed with photography since I was a little girl.  I think my mom had a huge part in that because she always had a camera in her hand.  As a teenager, I’m sure I cringed at the thought of yet one more shot of me on stage or at a school event.  I’m sure I rolled my eyes a time or two at the request for one more big smile so that she could capture the perfect shot.  Over the years though, I grew to love the art and have loved taking my own photographs and capturing those amazing moments in time.  While I’m no professional, I definitely learned how to look through my lens with a different perspective and how to be creative with my shots.  My mom definitely taught me a thing or two about all that. I gained a huge respect and admiration for those who have made a career out of it and are truly artists.    It’s only as an adult that I appreciate all those pictures my mom took and what she instilled in me when it comes to cameras and photography.  I find such a peace now in taking pictures and preserving them for my family.  I especially love when they are displayed on my walls like the art that they are! (Side note, I have what I thought was a great pic of my wall display, but it turns out it’s only Instagram ready. So keep an eye out for that snapshot in a future post).

So, back to Courtney….it was truly an amazing gift to have the opportunity to be her subjects in a photo session.  We have been lucky to work with a few great photographers, from our wedding day, up to the birth of our children, and including some of our kids’ milestones.  I’ve loved all their work and I highly value what each of them do.  No one has more appreciation for it than this lady!  This experience was like no other though and it’s one that keeps on giving.  Courtney has become a friend, which definitely made working with her a breeze!  What’s amazing is how effortlessly she shot us and really captured the essence of our family.  There is a whole lot of fun and personality here and an abundance of love.  She nailed it all from behind her lens. Then, what came out on the other side was magic.. the most perfect and treasured pieces of art, all of my family.  She was so great with my kids and I suspect some of that comes from her teacher background…my teacher friends are always the best with my littles!  I especially loved how she captured their sibling relationship.  They argue like all brothers and sisters, but they have a ton of fun and are the best of friends.

We had the kids’ Halloween costumes with us, so we promised they could don them for the first time, if they followed directions and played along for the photo session.  Courtney was so spot on when she actually let them wear them for some of the shots because it truly brought out their personalities.  She was patient, sweet and fun, which we all know is a necessity when working with kids. I watched in amazement as she engaged our children and I saw how she worked with our daughter if she struggled with anything.  She is so quick with that camera (extraordinary professional that she is), yet it seemed like she slowed us down for a little bit to where we could just be ourselves and enjoy the moment.  That’s when the magic happens and she creates her masterpiece.  Most importantly, mommy felt stress free and we all know if mommy is happy, everyone is!

I’m excited to share just a few of our favorite shots from our session with Courtney Ortiz Photography.  Make sure to check out her website at and give her a follow on facebook at  When you are looking for that extra special photographer that just gets you and your family and can relay that to photographic art….art that will grace the walls of your home for many years to come and that you and your family will treasure for many generations…..well, look no further.  Courtney Ortiz Photography is where it’s at!

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  1. Lisa says:

    I love your photos! Your kids are beautiful.

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