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Appreciating The Now

I can’t wait until this is over! How many times do we all say that every year or maybe every day??? We’re always looking to what could be and should be in our minds instead of being grateful for what is right this second, right now.

We’ve all been there. Maybe it was a job you were less than fond of. Maybe a relationship that went sour. It could have been pain or discomfort you were suffering. Sometimes it’s just a particular situation you were in that was a complete headache. Maybe it was the school year. There are so many things that we’ve all complained about, wished away and have prayed to end.

I’ve been majorly guilty of this one recently, wishing things and even people were different than they actually are. So much of our life is spent letting our thoughts about people or about life sadden or scare us. I’ve let my thoughts rule my head more times than I care to admit. That is basically where my anxiety came from. But peace can’t exist inside if you don’t accept what is and only worry about what could or should be.

I just finished reading Loving What Is a book by Byron Katie that teaches you how to do “The Work”. This basically entails turning your thoughts about things and people around and fixing what’s wrong in you and your thinking. This really helps you to see and accept reality without any judgement or anger, instead of letting fear take over because of how you are thinking about something.

You know how you sometimes read something that is right on time in your life? Thank you to my friend that suggested this book. I definitely believe God puts things and people in our paths and his timing is perfection. This book was exactly what I needed right now. When you’re going through a transition in life, it’s very easy to get scared and let your thoughts of who you should be and what you should be doing consume you instead of appreciating the moment you are in. My life and the people I’m surrounded by changed drastically in the last seven months. I’ve judged those people and myself. I’ve lost loved ones, changed jobs, questioned my path and purpose, and I’ve been stuck in fear, too afraid to move forward. The funny thing is that I’ve told myself many times over the years (without even realizing it) that fear will propel me into action. I convinced myself that if I wasn’t stressed or upset about something, I wouldn’t take action. I never realized that being at peace with what is would motivate me so much and liberate me at the same time. Peace is actually a catalyst, not stress! Who knew?
As Byron Katie says in her book “The truth sets us free, and freedom acts.” In embracing my reality I gave myself the confidence and the peace to take action.

When you come to the realization that it is what it is and not what you thought it was, it changes your perspective completely about everything. I’m still learning, but I hope to start applying this with my kids. Regularly I tell them they should clean up their room. What parent doesn’t?!?! Yes, they should learn that responsibility, but is telling them twenty times a day making them want to keep it clean or am I really telling them to do it because that’s what I like to do and what I want to see? I’m better off doing what I like to do and maybe they will see my example and pick up on it. Now I’m not saying our kids should be lazy and not have to do chores. On the contrary, I think it’s so important. But it’s also important that they desire to do better and be better on their own, without me hounding and forcing them. The reality is they like cleaning up, but they don’t love it. That’s their truth and they are perfectly at peace with that. Mine is that I love to organize and clean (sad but true). Living in our truth instead of our thoughts is freeing and when we’re free, we’re at peace.

If we are at peace within ourselves, we can help bring peace to others and our world. Sounds like a stretch probably, but that’s where it starts. It’s the power of one person and all it takes is to live in what is and not in your thoughts of what is. So much fear breeds in our thoughts and causes us to be angry, react negatively, and judge. We see it in our world today. There are so many that teach fear and use it to try and hurt others. But what we tell ourselves and create in our minds is doing damage too. We can all be good examples of and teachers of peace if we make peace with ourselves, make peace with our thoughts, and live inside that peace.

I’m in “The Work” now and I’m making progress. I’m living in the now and working with what is, without anger or judgement. I’m trying to appreciate and be at peace with where I am now whether that’s on my computer writing, on the phone making work calls, questioning my next path or sunning on the beach. Peace is a process, but leaning more toward it has motivated me to make some major changes, serve my purpose, and follow my dreams. Now is what really is and all we have. We must always be grateful for the season we’re in because it is all so temporary. This season is actually taking me on an exciting path and I can’t wait to see where it leads!

I’m thankful for this time and where I am in my life. Yesterday the school year ended and I could have easily started counting the days until school starts again (any mom that has lost their sanity between school years knows exactly what I mean). Instead, I’m soaking in my now with my family and I hope it’s the longest summer of my life! I’m opening myself up to opportunities to learn and grow. Doing the work everyday is choosing peace and I’m all for that. So right now…right now I’m going to go get started on an amazing summer with my kiddos and appreciate that. I hope you’ll appreciate your now too, wherever you’re at.

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