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A Special Birthday Blessing & Lucky #7

I’ve been slacking on my blogging, but I couldn’t let today go by without writing a post about this day and how truly special it is. It’s the day I became a mom! Yep, 7 years ago, in 2007 no less. Yeah, 7 has become a favorite number of mine, but it has also been a really lucky one. I don’t really believe in luck per se, but I do believe that we are destined for certain things. I was destined to be mom to one really amazing little girl. What a blessing!

Today is our daughter’s 7th birthday and it’s truly special this year. That’s because we really can’t remember a year when our daughter has been this excited about her birthday. Sure there’s been happy moments enjoying birthday cake, a fun party or two, and of course, some gifts along the way, but she has never been over the moon about her birthday like she is today and man, does it make me smile!

We take for granted that kids always love birthdays, holidays, and celebrations, but for some kids, that isn’t always the case. She is a girl who thrives on a schedule as is the case for most kids. The difference is she starts to dread the day before it even gets here because she gets anxious about the change in her daily routine. Before her birthday comes, we see that anxiety manifest in some challenging behaviors and there are a lot of tears and melt downs leading up to the day, during the day, and even after her birthday passes. She will even say her birthday is on another date completely or continually say it isn’t her birthday at all. She perseverates on the date or when she wants her birthday to happen or not happen for that matter. We love to make memories and have family trips for birthdays, so we haven’t had a lot of parties over the years that haven’t been just family. If I’m being completely honest, part of that was the fear that it might not be such a happy day or that the guests might not be accepting of how she may handle it. Let’s just say, birthdays haven’t been all they are cracked up to be for her and not always enjoyable for all of us.

As parents, we are thrilled to see that this, her 7th birthday, is filled with smiles and a lot of that typical excitement that goes along with a kid having a birthday. I have to say, it feels really awesome! It’s like we all got a special gift this birthday and we can all truly enjoy her, her excitement, and the fun of celebrating together as a family. I just came from volunteering in her class and she is positively glowing! This is the girl I know that is so joyous, full of life and personality, that celebrates every little amazing thing she experiences. It’s contagious and I can’t help but have an extra spring in my step today too.

Here is one of the latest shots from our friend and photographer Courtney Ortiz of our now 7 year old and her best friend and little brother.


Wow, have they grown! I’m constantly asked if they are twins (like at least once a week) and I have to say, at least for now, they are so attached to each other, it seems they could be sometimes. We wanted them to be close in age and it has really helped them to bond over the last few years. Don’t get me wrong, they have their moments like all kids and siblings, but I am so thankful that they are close and that she has her first real friend in him. He may be her biggest cheerleader and I absolutely love that! Thanks to our friend Courtney for capturing their bond again this year. Make sure to check out all her artwork at Courtney Ortiz Photography

Today I find peace in knowing that my kids are just blooming and that there is joy to be found in even the simplest of things. So grateful for this birthday blessing! I think I will be betting on 7…but mostly I’m betting on this little girl growing up to be an amazing lady, full of the same grace, light and peace she brings to our lives. Happy Birthday G! We love you! xoxo Your brother G, Mom, and Dad

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  1. Julia says:

    Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing and so happy for you and family to actually feel like a celebration today! I know that sometimes things that seem like they should be celebrations don’t always happen that way. That was the case with the birth of our boys 3months early on November 24th ten years ago. No one knew how to handle it because the typical “congrats” for a birth didn’t apply when it was way too soon. We have had our share of tears on birthdays, too… I imagine all kids and all people do, depending on what is happening their lives at the time (or in our case yesterday, when one birthday boy got frustrated over a gift not working the way he expected it o!). I am so glad to hear that Grace was full of excitement and joy yesterday and that all of you were able to celebrate that together. 🙂 Best Wishes to all of you. xoxo

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